(Boscomontella-Biadone -TV, 1853; Firenze, 1910).

He was very young when he attended the Scuola di Disegno Pratico founded in Padua by Pietro Selvatico. In 1870 he moved to Florence where he studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti under the guidance of Aristodemo Costoli. He created some bas reliefs for the façade of the Duomo of Florence, and the statues of «San Simone» and «Beato Angelico». He was the creator of «Angeli della morte» on the tomb of Prince Woronzoff in the church of Montmartre in Paris, in 1906 he took part in the competition for the monument to Ugo Foscolo in Santa Croce in Florence and, in 1910, he took part in the one for the General Manfredo Fanti in Carpi. His works are connected to the Adriano Cecioni’s Tuscan realist instances although in his genre scenes, historical scenes or romatic works there is an evident link with Lombard sculpture. In Florence he exhibited «Mozart morente» (Museum of Bordeaux), a which met with strong criticism from Duprè and Rivalta, but was much appreciated by Morelli; it was with this sculpture that he took part in the Paris Exposition in 1878. It was then purchased by the French government. In 1883 in Rome he exhibited «Dio! Non posso piangere», «L’onda» e «Il castellano», and in Turin in 1880 The « primi bocconi». He exhibited regularly in Florence at the Società delle Belle Arti. A great many of his works can be seen at the Rinaldo Carnielo Museum in Florence.

Alfonso Panzetta