Through different eyes- Art therapy

The project Con altri occhi – Arterapia (Through different eyes- Art therapy) began in 2014 and was aimed at people with Alzheimer’s and their caregivers .

Museum staff and geriatric operators accompany the caregivers and their family members and flank them during the observation and tactile exploration of the Museum sculptures. The emotions and words provoked by this experience are then transformed into stories or drawings.

The activities take place as part of the project Bartolea Caffè of the Comune d di Montevarchi.

Il Cassero has been part of the Museum System MTA (Musei Toscani per l’Alzheimer – Tuscan Museums for Alzheimer’s) since 2020.

Caressing the statues

In order to break down not only physical and architectural barriers, but also cultural and perception barriers, the Museum has created a tactile itinerary for the visually impaired. This has added depth and emotion to the experience of visiting the museum.

It is possible for those with no visual impairments to take part in the rich tactile itinerary and experience the sculptures with all their senses.

M.I.R.A. (Musei in Rete per l’Autismo)

The project M.I.R.A. (Musei in Rete per l’Autismo –Network of Museums for Autism), proposed by Il Cassero together with the Paleontological Museum of the Accademia Valdarnese del Poggio, organizes visits and workshops with opportunities for observation, sharing, creativity, and a sense of general well-being within the museum spaces. The aim of the M.I.R.A. is to help raise awareness about Autism and involve as many families as possible, helping to increase the autonomy and well-being of those who are on the autism spectrum.

The activities are held by the museum staff and the experts from the Associazione Autismo Arezzo.

The project is sponsored by the Sezione Soci Coop of Montevarchi.