The Cassero’s animated stories are a series of audio visual products that can be enjoyed at the museum and online, and which were created to stimulate a richer and more layered exchange between the museum and the public – especially the under 30s – as part of the project DigitalMente. Young strategies 4 young stories, and made possible with the contribution of the Fondazione CR Firenze.
Thanks to MACMA – an association which has been active in the field of audio visual narration in Italy and in the Valdarno area for many years – the Director of the Museum, Federica Tiripelli, and project PCTO carried out by the ISIS Benedetto Varchi school in Montevarchi, nine students worked on creating and developing several possible museum narrations. For each story the students created a synopsis and drew several storyboards by hand and digitally.
This material became an important base for the animated stories created by Gianfranco Bonadies, an internationally renowned artist, in collaboration with MACMA.