(Milan, 1874; Ibid, 1969)

Butti pupil of the Academy of Brera in Milan. Author of funerary monuments and works of gender, reflects the Milanese art scene initially making small sculptures modeled from the pictorial (“In ‘conductive’, Milan, Galleria d’Arte Moderna). Following closely resembles the Art Nouveau style, producing some bronzes. For the Milan Cathedral performs “Pope Pius XI” (1938) and the perv park Reggio Emilia the bronze bust of “Mary Spalato.” In the twenties running the war memorial in Imbrsago. Present at the Venice Biennale of 1903 (“Lion” and “Lioness”), the reviews of the Promotion of Fine Arts in Turin since 1904, the year that also exhibits in London (“Bacchus”, “Fight Tiger and Lion”), exposes Rome in 1915, the statue “The Kiss”, represents the same year at the International San Francisco. In 1906 proposes to Milan “at the slaughterhouse” and in 1907 presents “Speck of woman.”