(Lastra a Signa – FI, 1896; Florence, 1971)

Even medalist. In 1915 he finished his studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence where he trained under the guidance of Domenico Trentacoste . Author of colossal works for North America initially impressionistic style , decorative plastic since 1941 teaches at the Art Institute of Lucca. For the towns Rifredi (1927) and Poggio a Caiano (1930) performing the monuments to the fallen , but his are also those of Lastra a Signa (1920 , Cemetery ), Florence -San Gervasio (1926) and Castel San Niccolò. Among his other works: the pediment of the University of Trieste , the sculptures of the Mausoleum of Glendale in Los Angeles and the statues of the ‘” Immaculate” for the basilicas of San Francesco in Arezzo and Assisi . In 1933 he was elected an Honorary Academic of the Florence Academy of Art and Design. Exhibits in Venice in 1924 ( “Giuochi of love” ), 1930, 1934 (“The footballer”, bronze) and in 1942 ( “The victory of labor and weapons ‘) in Budapest in 1936 , in Naples in 1937 and at Arezzo in 1938 ( “Head of a child”) , in Rome in 1939 ( “Little fighter” ) , in Milan in 1941 ( “Wrestlers” and “Portrait”) and Florence regularly in different Fiorino Awards and the Society of Fine Arts in 1939 he exhibited in San Remo “Greek -Roman Wrestling”. In the Gallery of Modern Art in Florence works are preserved “My mother” (1930, wax) and “Portrait of the mother” (1916, marble).

Alfonso Panzetta