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* In accordance with Article 10 of Law 675/96 all personal information, as defined by Law n. 675/96, will be dealt with in accordance with the criteria established by the aforementioned law. Personal details may be processed using technological insruments. In accordance with the Law n. 675/96 personal details will not be communicated to private individuals other than the individual concerned: personal details may be communicated to public offices when institutional functions require it to be so and only when norms, laws or regulations consent such an action and the Guarantor has been informed and personal details protected. Sensitive data will be treated in accordance with Art 13 of Law 675/96. Each interested party has the right to : be informed of information which concerns him/her; be informed of how the information is treated; delete, transform or block data which is in violation of the law; update, rectify or integrate the data; oppose, for legal reasons, the treatment of data which concerns him/her.
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