The documents deposited at Il Cassero are very important but they are still being catalogued and so it is difficult to give detailed information.

Timo Bortolotti Section
The section possesses over a thousand newspaper articles concerning the artist’s works and hundreds of original photographs. There is also a small folder containing hand - written and typed documents.

Ernesto Galeffi Section
The section possesses hundreds of original personal photographs together with the original copies of documents and letters.

Arturo Stagliano Section
The section possesses hundreds of original photographs of the artist, including a series regarding the fusion of the large figures for the monument to the Fallen in Treviso. There is also a file containing original documents and certificates concerning the artist.

Michelangelo Monti Section
The section possesses a folder containing documents relative to his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin and many original photographs.

Pietro Guerri Section
The section possesses over ten files concerning the artist’s public activity and Montevarchi’s cultural environment between 1880 and 1930. There are original photographs of political personages the artist knew well.

Mario Bini Section
The section possesses a file containing original documents and newspaper articles about the artist and his works. There is also a series of designs for wooden furniture and a large album, with circa two hundred photographs taken by the artist himself.
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