Il Cassero per la Scultura is situated in the Cassero Castle in Montevarchi. The province of Arezzo has kindly allowed the museum to use the castle. It is a unique project and there is certainly nothing like it in Italy. The Cassero’s main aim is to research and document 19th and 20th Century Italian sculpture by gathering and acquiring material on sculptors of that period. The goal is to become a reference point for the numerous casts galleries and artist museums present in Tuscany and in Italy, in order to become the leader of a regional network dedicated to a little known branch of sculpture that might have national value. Once the network has been established it will be possible to begin projects of common interest in order to spread information about these collections.
At the moment the permanent collection, which has been completely restored, consists of over 500 hundred bronze, marble, plaster, terracotta works and drawings by Tuscan and Italian artists. The works were donated to Montevarchi together with a considerable number of original documents, original photographs and press cuttings. These are currently being catalogued. The collection of il Cassero contains important works by Michelangelo Monti, Timo Bortolotti, Arturo Stagliano, Alberto Giacomassso, Mentore Maltoni, Valmore Gemignani, Mario Moschi, Mario Bini, Odo Franceschi, Firenze Poggi and Donatella (Dodi) Bortolotti. It also contains sculptures by local artists such as Pietro Guerri, Elio Galassi and Ernesto Galeffi. These are the property of Montevarchi town council.
The building work was carried out under the supervision of Francesco Papa of Area Associati. The building is totally accessible to the disabled. Its easy access, bookshop, visitors’ register, six-day-a-week opening times and website make Il Cassero one of the best museums in Tuscany and beyond.
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